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Considering Carbon: Agribusiness and All Things Crypto; An Introduction to the Basics
This webinar will provide an overview of cryptoassets and blockchain technologies, focusing on applications to agribusinesses and environmental issues such as carbon offsets. After a high-level introduction to blockchain and how cryptoassets function, the webinar will briefly review the regulators active in the space. This portion of the presentation will also explain considerations for persons considering creating or utilizing cryptoassets in their business. The final section of the webinar will mention and briefly discuss some of the crypto projects that are active with agricultural applications. This segment will consider the different kinds of functions that these projects support. The presentation will also consider how blockchain and cryptoassets can track and facilitate the effective use of carbon offsets.

All three sections of the presentation track information found in papers focusing on cryptoassets and blockchain technology written for the National Agricultural Law Center. These papers contain detailed citations and links to online resources that may be useful for a more detailed consideration of the topics raised in the webinar.

Aug 18, 2021 11:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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